Keith S. Blackwell


I'm so glad the Universe

brought us together...

Do I pay before or after my reading?

In-person readings can be paid at the time of service. (Payable via cash or credit/debit card)

Phone/Skype readings must be paid prior to the reading. (Payable via Square invoice)

What services do you offer?

I currently offer intuitive readings, ministerial services, dream analysis, & astrological birth charts.

Please see under the "Work With Me" index and select one of the options to read more about each service, or contact me directly.

How did you get into all of this "stuff?"

To answer your question completely, I'd need a lot more time. A quick explanation would be that all of this "stuff" found me more than I found it. It's been my experience that you can only run from the course the Universe has set for you for so long, until it shows you who's boss.

Tarot Cards & Astrology are a Fortune Teller's tools.

Tell me the future!

No, for multiple reasons.

One, it's illegal in Pennsylvania.

Two, I don't claim to be a fortune teller. I use the art of Tarot & Astrology as a way to help claim your inner power, and as a form of guidance. You, as an individual with free will, have the ability to create your own future. Tarot sessions are about self-empowerment and looking at the multitude of opportunities and possibilities you can create on your own accord.

Can you cast a spell on me?

Will you?

Yes and no, in that order.

Everyone has different ethics and values. You may find some that do spellwork on others on every whim, but I am not one of them. Influencing or controlling someone's free will is a BIG DEAL. Whether you call it karma or threefold law, there's something in common: it's coming back.

On the other hand, I can assist you and provide you with the tools and information necessary to do spellwork on your own.

I'd like to make a donation to support your work.

Where can I do so?


I appreciate any donation you wish to make! You can do so by using this PayPal link here!